Outdoor attractions at the Royal Peacock Mine

Many visitors take advantage of our location to explore the adjacent Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and other area attractions. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, wildlife photography, or just watching the sunset, the Royal Peacock Opal Mine makes a great basecamp.


Available activities include:

  • Fishing -- there are several stocked ponds in the Virgin Valley
  • Hunting -- mule deer and antelope (in season)
  • Swimming and soaking -- there's a hot springs pool eight miles from the Royal Peacock Opal Mine
  • Hiking -- caves, canyons (such as the beautiful "Thousand Creek Gorge!), and rock hunting
  • Wildlife viewing -- Deer, antelope, waterfowl and other desert creatures.
    • Many wild burros and mustangs (wild horses) in this area
  • Watching beautiful sunsets!
  • Night Sky Viewing (see sidebar video!)

Opal: Nevada's State Gem

In 1987, Harry and Joy Wilson took some specimens from their mine to Nevada's state capital in Carson City. There, they met with Paul Iverson, Deputy Director of the Nevada Division of Minerals. They also set up an exhibit in the capitol building.

The opals were a hit! The legislature passed NRS 235.100, making Virgin Valley black fire opal the "state precious gemstone."

And, they asked the Wilsons to leave the opals on display for several months.

Come Prepared!

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Winnemucca, Nev... 140 miles
Closest gas & diesel
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Fields, Ore... 55 miles
Closest propane
Fields, Ore... 55 miles
Closest Restaurants and Bars
Denio Junction
Diamond Inn Bar and Grill
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Closest Lodging other than Royal Peacock
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