A note from Noel and Teresa Pacheco, archaeologists with Ancient Journeys of Taos, NM:

In 2005 we were at the mine and found a huge peacock opal, about 232 cts. Joy and her husband saw it and told us how to treat it. Three years ago we had it cut, and here it is:

Anasazi Fire Opal :: Before CuttingAnasazi Fire Opal :: After Cutting
Anasazi Fire Opal before and after cutting
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It has been featured in a book by Lithographie and was in an auction with Bonhams and Butterfield two years ago. It did not sell because of the economy. Anyway.... here is the photo of the cut stone: 23 carats and a retail value of $54,000. We hope you can use this in your website. The opal has been declared stable by the world-class cutter who cut it in Scottsdale, Az.