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Ancient man visited Virgin Valley more than 10,000 years ago. The 'Last Supper' cave -- an archeological marvel -- is located near the southwestern tip of the valley. The bones and relics of the cave's inhabitants have been carbon dated at eight to 10 thousand years before Christ.

Nearly 14 million years ago, Virgin Valley, in the northwest corner of Humboldt County, was covered by lakes and forests. Today, what we see is simply bare hills. The entire area was several thousand feet lower and more like the coastal mountain ranges of today. However, the earth was not quiet; volcanoes periodically erupted, blasting the forests apart and burying them under hundreds of feet of ash. This cycle was repeated several times over the next million years. Magma later pushed to the surface and repeatedly flowed over the region. The layers of ash and blasted trees were buried more than 1500 feet deep.

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